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Cleaning Supplies


Microfiber Gloves & Mitts

Forget rags, wands, buckets, or brushes. This set of TidyUps lets you clean with your hands. Just slip these gloves or mitts on and touch your windows, car dash, blinds, and so much more for an immediate clean. From TidyUps.

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Microfiber Dusting Gloves

Use the best cleaning tool that humans have, your hands! The TidyUps Microfiber Gloves are a must for any home or car. All you do is slide the gloves on, apply a drop of water (if necessary) and begin cleaning any surface! Used on a wide range of products from your stair railing, your kitchen table, your car dashboard, and much more!


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Felt Protector Dish Pads

Keep your pots and pans from scratching in the cupboard with your set of the TidyUps™ Felt Protector Pads. Simply place these protectors between each of your pots or dishes to easily protect your cookware. Help extend the life of your pots and pans and keep their quality in tact.

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