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AIRVI™ Automatic Wine Dispenser

The AIRVI™Automatic Wine Dispenser is a simple to use wine aerator and server that will enhance the character and body of your wine.  The “press to fit” universal adapter goes on quickly and easily and the powerful motor does the rest (accommodates most 750ml bottles of wine).  Bring your glass to the bottle and at the push of a button, your wine is aerated and served!  Lift and pour no more!

Key Product Features:


  • PRESS AND AERATE – Rapid action and flow occurs when the button is pressed.  No need to worry about a slow pour, simply press the button and enjoy your wine in seconds.

  • POWERFUL – The thin stream flows out of the spill proof spout increasing the surface area of the wine exposed to air.  This process forms microbubbles when the wine is dispensed into the glass.  This technique dramatically expedites the aging process, adding years of aeration to younger bottles of wine.

  • NO DRIPS OR SPILLS – Residual wine is pulled back into the bottle when the button is released, resulting in no drips or spills.  Make sure to always keep the glass under the spout when dispensing.

  • PATENTED DESIGN – The low profile design of our patented wine accessory keeps the bottle’s center of gravity low.  This ensures that the bottle will not tip over from the weight of the device.

  • EASY TO CLEAN – Simply fill an empty wine bottle with water and dispense it through the AirVi Automatic Wine Dispenser.  For a deeper clean, you can wipe down the tube, body and spout.  Do not immerse or run the main housing unit under water.  Simply wipe down for an easy clean.  Storing the unit is safe and easy with the AirVi carrying bag.

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