AIRVI™ Automatic Wine Dispenser


The AIRVI™Automatic Wine Dispenser is a simple to use wine aerator and server that will enhance the character and body of your wine. The “press to fit” universal adapter goes on quick and easy and the powerful motor does the rest (accommodates any 750ml bottle of wine).  Bring your glass to the bottle and at the push of a button, you wine is aerated and served! Lift and pour no more!

Key Product Features:


  • POWERFUL MOTOR - for aeration and dispensing

  • EASY TO CLEAN - The Food grade draw tube and spout are easy to remove and clean

  • QUICK - Rapid action when the button is pressed.  Fills a 6oz pour in less than a second and ounce

  • NO DRIPS OR SPILLS - When the button is released, wine in the spout is pulled back into the bottle resulting in no drips or spills

  • NO TIPPING - Low profile serving head keep bottle center of gravity low so the bottle will not tip over from the weight of the Airvi

  • EASY AND AFFORDABLE - aeration makes any bottle of wine taste better!


  • THIN STREAM - explodes into glass forming micro bubbles and helps to expedite the aeration process

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