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Cat Litter Scoop and Release

Duke-N-Boots' cat litter scoop with a press button hatch easily empties into any trash receptacle with the push of a button, allowing for quick and easy cleaning while keeping your hands away from the mess! Made from a crystalline material that will resist absorption of... 


Litter Jug Pour Spout

Duke-N-Boots’ Easy Pour Litter Spout can thread on to most standard cat litter jugs.  The innovative spring-loaded lever ensures that the litter will only pour when you want it to.  Litter can now be pre-measured or dispensed...

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Food Scoop and Release

The Duke-N-Boots Dog Food Scoop allows for a premium serving experience while feeding your dog.  This dog food scoop includes measuring markings from ½ - 2 cups to ensure that you are scooping the proper amount of food for your furry 


Air Plush Inflatable Dog Bed

The The Duke-N-Boots Air Plush Inflatable Dog Bed provides an extremely comfortable and safe experience for your dog.  With its puncture / water resistant PVC-coated material and durable nylon cover with a drain hole, it is suitable for both indoor and... 

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Pantry Pack

Pantry Pack canned food organizers help you organize your pantry and keep track of supply.  No rooting through to figure out how much of an item you have on hand – cans are quickly and easily visible and countable. 

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Kennel Tek Mat

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Kennel Tek Cabrio Kennel

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