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Felt Protector Pads for Cookware and Dishes

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Use our TidyUps™ Felt Protector Pads between your non-stick cookware to prevent scratches and extend the life of your cookware. Also perfect to use between your ceramic dishes, glassware and serving vessels to prevent chipping and scratching. 
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  • Multi-Use and Practical - Not only can you use these to neatly store your pots and pans in the cupboard, but you can also use them on the dinner table or countertop to protect against hot plates/pans.
  • Premium, Easy to Clean Material - Premium polyester felt that has a no slip texture finish that provides stability while stacking in the cupboard. Lightweight, can be bent easily and will not ruin - wash by hand with warm water.
  • Easy to Use - The perfect protection when storing pots, pans, cookware, bakeware, skillets, bowls, and plates. Avoid scratching between your kitchenware to extend it's lifetime. Use with glassware and ceramic to avoid locking and chipping.
  • Available in 6", 12", 13", and 15" options. These pads can also be trimmed to fit your dishes more accurately.
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Set of 12 - $15.99

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Set of 25 - $29.99

Contact us using the information below to place your order!
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