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Pantry Pack canned food organizers help you organize your pantry and keep track of your supply.  No rooting through to figure out how much of an item you have on hand – cans are quickly and easily visible and countable.  Plus, it is easy to transport cans in the canned food organizer.  Taking the kitty on a trip? Grab the can organizer! Available in two sizes, 3 oz. or 5 oz. cans and holds up to 12 cans of pet food or tuna fish style cans.

Key Product Features:


  • PERFECT PANTRY – The pantry pack allows you to organize your pantry so that you know exactly where your cans are stored.

  • FREE UP SPACE – The design of the pantry pack allows you to now store cans on their side, which will ultimately open up more space in your pantry or cabinet. 


  • EASY TRANSPORTATION – The 12 storage units allow for easy transportation of the food to the park, a beach, a neighbor’s home or even your trip home from the store.


  • MULTIPLE SIZES – The Pantry Pack comes in two different sizes, so that you can organize both 3 oz and 5 oz cans. 

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