The Duke-N-Boots Litter Pour Spout completely eases litter dispensing allowing you to continue to optimize your cat care needs. The Pour Spout screws onto most litter jugs and has a very easy operation. The opening is spring-loaded and the simple push of the extension opens the mouth and consequently, litter pours out. This product eliminates the need to pick up a jug ever again. You will never spill your litter again and you will always have control of filling the litter box with the correct amount of litter in the litter box.

Product Key Benefits

  • EASE OF USE: The Pour Spout screws right onto the lid of your litter jug and is activated by the push of the handle. The design and ease of use allows you to change the way that you organize your cat care. You can now strategically place your cat’s litter box so that you never pick up a jug again.

  • PATENTED DESIGN: The pour spout is one of a kind. There is currently nothing like what Duke-N-Boots can offer you to assist in an area that you never thought you never knew could be improved. The Pour Spout will allow for another level of organization and efficiency as it relates to your pet care tasks.

  • COMPLETE CONTROL: The pour spout is spring loaded giving you total control of the amounts that are poured out. Never again do you have to tip a jug over, drop it, spill it, or mismeasure the amount. Now you can just push the lever and easily dispense the exact amount that is necessary.

  • UNIVERSAL FIT: The pour spout will fit onto any standard cat litter jug. The spout is independent from the threaded screw on, so no matter what direction the spout faces, you can turn it whatever direction that you need to.