AirVi™ Automatic Wine Dispenser

The AIRVI™ Automatic Wine Dispenser is a simple to use wine aerator and server that will enhance the character and body of your wine. The “press to fit” universal adapter goes on quick and easy and the powerful motor does the rest (accommodates any 750ml bottle of wine).  Bring your glass to the bottle and at the push of a button, you wine is aerated and served! Lift and pour no more!


AirVi™ Wine Aerator 

The AirVi Wine Aerator & Professional Pourer is a strategically designed wine accessory invented to drastically expedite the aging process of your wine. The small air chamber infuses air into the wine using the Bernoulli effect. Simply using this aerator enhances the flavor of your wine.


AirVi™ Electric Wine Opener Kit

 This product kit now gives AirVi a product for all parts of the wine consumption process. The kit provides you with a foil cutter to give you access to the cork, then the Electric Opener to easily open your bottle. From there with AirVi products, you have a choice of three separate aerators/dispensers. As your wine night is coming to a close if there is an unfinished bottle you now have the tool to plug your bottle with the bottle stopper that is included in the kit. With AirVi, you now have a complete set of wine accessories.