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Microfiber Cleaning Gloves & Mitts 4 Pack

Use the best cleaning tool that humans have, your hands!  The TidyUps Microfiber Glove and Mitt Combo Pack is a must for any home or car.  All you do is slide the gloves on, apply a drop of water (if necessary) and begin cleaning any surface!  Used on a wide range of products from stair railing, to kitchen tables, to car dashboards, to TV screens and much more!  Make cleaning a much easier process.

Key Product Features:

  • FOUR PIECE SET - Receive a pair of microfiber dusting gloves and a pair of microfiber dusting mitts with one purchase.

  • MICROFIBERS - The microfiber material has a natural positive static charge to not only attract more dust but make sure that it sticks to the glove and doesn’t fall to the floor.

  • NO SCRATCH - The material is soft and the texture will not leave even a scratch on the surface.

  • REUSABLE - After each use, simply throw in the washer and dryer to get them ready to go again.

  • TWO STYLES: Gloves - Longer fibers that are good for all of your wooden surfaces.  Mitts – Shorter fibers that are good for cleaning your windows, mirrors and stainless steel streak-free.

  • COMFORTABLE - Microfiber is soft on your hands making for a very comfortable cleaning experience.

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