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SafeHavenz™ Solar Pawprint Garden Lights

Illuminate your yard or garden with SafeHavenz™ Solar Powered Paw Print Lights.  These lights have eliminated the need for an outlet and have limited the need for wires.  Flip the light switch on and these lights will automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn as the sun comes up.  All that’s needed is to stake each light in the desired location, set up the panel in an unblocked spot and your installation is complete.

Key Product Features:

SOLAR POWERED - Each set of SafeHavenz™ Pawprint Garden Lights are completely solar powered.  Each light is connected via a small black wire that hooks up directly to a solar panel that can be easily hidden in the garden. All that is needed is 8 hours of direct sunlight onto the solar panel and your lights will shine for 10-12 hours uninterrupted.

RAIN/HEAT PROOF - The Pawprint Garden Lights were heated to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and soaked under four hours of simulated rain and showed no signs of leakage and operated as advertised.  SafeHavenz™ Pawprint Lights are protected from all natural elements that they may face.

ILLUMINATE YOUR GARDEN - Light up your garden or walkway with your choice of one of four colors; blue, green, white, or red.  Use SafeHavenz™ Pawprint Garden Lights to either decorate your landscape or to remember a pet who has passed.

INDIVIDUAL UNITS -Each paw is individually placed and connected by a thin black wire.  The paws can be configured in any design that you see fit!  Cover the connecting wires with mulch and pull the solar panel as far away as you can to properly hide it from sight. 

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