Light up your walkway or your garden with the SafeHavenz Solar Powered Garden Pathway Lights. These lights are individually solar powered allowing you to have complete and total freedom to where you would like to place them. No wires, no plugins, all that is needed is needed to power these lights is access to sunlight during that day time and the switch being turned on and a beautiful pattern will illuminate your walkway. Sturdily built, your lights will give your landscape a sharp finish and impress anyone who lays their eyes on it. SafeHavenz Solar Garden Pathway Lights are a great, sustainable way to continue to improve your outside landscape.

Key Product Features:

  • DURABILITY – The garden lights are built to last. The stainless steel body with the glass light casing and the stainless steel lid/solar panel are built to sustain all types of weather. No matter if you encounter excessive sunlight, snow storms, high winds or even rain, the SafeHavenz Lights are built to survive all elements.

  • BEAUTIFUL OUTPUT – SafeHavenz light pattern will catch the attention of anyone walking by. If charged well throughout the day, the light output will be strong and as it shines through the glass casing, your entire sidewalk/driveway/garden will light up in impressive fashion.

  • SUSTAINABILITY/SOLAR POWERED – Having zero emissions and being fully solar powered, these lights give you a “green” way to spruce up your landscape.

  • Long Lasting Light – If each unit receives direct, unhindered sunlight during the day it will have light output of 8-12 hours.

  • WIRELESS - Each light is individually powered making for zero wires. This allows you to place them wherever you would like. There is no communication between each unit meaning that they live independently of each other.

  • EASY INSTALLATION – Each individual light has four pieces to it. A (1) solar panel lid, (2) glass light housing, (3) metal pole, and a (4) plastic spike. Each fit together seamlessly, assemble them, flip the on/off switch to “on,” place them in the desired spot, let charge and enjoy!