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Product Key Benefits

  • SPILL FREE DESIGN – The wide mouth is protected on three of the four sides with high walls to protect against spills.  The angle of the handle forces you to keep the cup upright so that spills are highly unlikely.

  • ERGONOMIC HANDLEComfortable handle keeps you from running your hand through the dog food.  The angle also makes for an easy scoop and forces you to hold the food upright.  The trap/release door on the bottom of the cup is triggered by the button on the handle, making for an easy transfer from bag to bowl.

  • CUP MEASUREMENT MARKS – The scoop has four measurement markings: ½ cup, 1 cup, 1.5 cups, and 2 cups.  This will allow you to give your dog only the intended amount of food.

  • RELEASE DOOR – The bottom of the scoop is a release door which opens with the press of the button on the handle, causing the food to drop into the bowl.

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